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Hi, I am Sneha! I help busy working women take charge of their life using mindfulness and Kaizen productivity principles

  • Focus On YOU And YOUR Needs

  • Overcome Overwhelm

  • Get Things Done

  • Find Your Happy


Kaizen is a Japanese continuous improvement philosophy. It means “change for the better.” Being an Industrial Engineer, I have participated in many kaizen events in my work life. The beauty of Kaizen is in the bite-size improvements over time that make a significant impact to company’s revenue streams.

As mothers, we are not born perfect. We learn with each stage of childhood and more different things with our individual kids and then from our friend circle, network, reading, etc. I wanted to bring the concept of Kaizen to mommy world to tell moms that it is ok to continuously evolve your mothering process. 

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is paying attention on purpose to the moment to moment experience, non judgementally.