The Tao Of Kaizen Motherhood

Ambition and Laziness Going Hand in Hand

Ever since I knew myself, I wanted more. I had the ambition to reach the stars. I wanted to buy more of land, have more money, work more, have more friends, have a bigger house, travel more, just more more more.

Ever since I knew myself, I also was very lazy. I studied last moment before the day of exams. I cleaned right an hour before guests arrived, packed right before a trip. Picked my clothes when they were enough mess to bother me. Cooked food when I was hungry. Completed projects when they were due. The only thing that I ever did on time when I was a kid was my homework. I would complete it in the recess and then come home and play. I did not like homework at home. I wanted to have fun after school.

Ever since I knew myself, I was also a workaholic. I worked and worried way too much about everything about my work. I signed up for everything and was the “yes” person. I would always know what other five people in the team are doing and their work.

At home, though, I was ok. I was not raised to be a house frau. I was raised with a lot of house help. We had someone to wash dishes, wash and fold clothes. Our clothes would be ironed by the laundry guy few doors down. We also had a cook. To get up and start cleaning from start of the day till night does not come naturally to me at all.


I always thought it was not necessary to have organized spaces, but I feel very different about it now.


Having Kids and Change in Perspective – No Time To Be Lazy And Still Wanting More Out Of Life


As soon as I had kids, my last minute work has not helped me with my need of doing more. I was raised with a lot of house help too so the need of being so responsible was never felt until five years ago when I had my son, and his needs became the highest priority in our lives. My whole outlook towards life has changed.


I have to be more prepared for kids’ food and activities and even mine to schedule things around their activities and nap times. I have to make sure they always have clothes to wear and myself too. I have to think about health consciously as I want to be active with them for as long as I live and I want them to make healthier choices too.


I also want to increase my patience and become calmer in my attitude towards my children. I think I am sometimes so swamped in thoughts that it becomes harder for me to understand their attitude. Being compassionate towards their feelings is going to be my biggest why on why I want to make changes in my life.



I still want a lot more for them like wanting them to take part in a lot of activities and sports and for them to be good at social skills and reading and music and everything. I also still want more for myself like starting my blog, my own business or being more effective at work. I want to exercise, meditate and cook better food. I have a routine, but it is not perfect.


To do all this requires extensive preparation. I have to know when to schedule, what to schedule, how to schedule. How much time it takes to drive to all these places, or to cook the healthy dishes, everything. What to say yes to and what to say no to?


Paving the way for Kaizen Motherhood


In spite of an extensive list of “someday I wills,” I am leaning a lot towards wanting quality in my life.

I am at a point where I don’t want to be bothered by clutter. I don’t want to be bothered by random thoughts of fear. I don’t want too many activities or too many friends. I want everyone to do activities that we enjoy, and with people we like. I want to get to know the people I already know, more deeply and meaningfully than knowing more people and adding to my network.


I want to start creating systems now, so am not the person who regrets her life as I grow up. I want to make small changes daily to get to the point where I am.

Kaizen Motherhood is going to be a living document of how I am making changes to my world one step at a time. I would love you to join me on this journey.



Why am I making Resolutions Before January 1st?

For years, I have made resolutions on January 1st but not given it enough time to stick, and they have fallen off. Last year, though, I started on a health journey in October, and I continued it throughout the next year making me more and more conscious about my health. I entered the new year prepared, and it worked so much better for me to keep my goals.

So this time I want to follow suit, and I want to make resolutions not when everyone starts making them, but now, so that I can enter the new year with more strength and preparations.

At the end of this resolution I want to:

  1. Make my house a zen place to live in with less clutter and more element and essentials, so I don’t have to look for Zen in other places
  2. Create a clutter free zone in the house (my oversized counter top)
  3. Have my small yard to look more zen-like and beautiful
  4. Be more mindful and present with my children
  5. Develop one or two hobbies that stick and give me pleasure
  6. Create systems to eat healthily and make better food choices for the kids and family
  7. Be prepared to deal calmly and patiently with my children
  8. Be more prepared for activities and life in general
  9. Live with a clutter-free mind
  10. Make more time in my life to focus on creating a sustainable business.
  11. Developed meaningful friendships with people I already know

Essentially, I want to develop a minimalist (not frugal- it is different) lifestyle.

It may take few months or years to accomplish this, but this is the intention I am setting for 2017.

What are your needs and goals for 2017? Do you care for a minimalist lifestyle? Why or Why not?

Please let me know in the comments below.

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