Self Care Challenge – Day 9

This is my most favorite part of the challenge. Most of us find us telling ourselves we do not even have time to pee. Let alone pursue anything of interest.

Today I want you to think, what makes your heart flutter? What brings you happiness? And then do it. Take a few mins daily, even if it is five mins a day and you can stroke a paintbrush only once, DO IT.

We are born on this earth for creativity. Some can paint, some can write, some can sing, some can help people.

This week my sister started taking painting lessons. Last month I started my music lessons and this month I am joining an adult soccer team (I have never played a sport in my life and am scared about hurting myself, but I love watching soccer and want to try it out). My very close friend and mother of two boys take time out for dance lessons.

If you need more inspiration, I want to tell you about this book I read called BIG MAGIC by Elizabeth Gilbert (You may know her as the author of “EAT PRAY LOVE.” And in the chapter Permission, she has a section called “MOTIVE” and in that she says that you don’t need to save the world with your creativity. You just have to do it because you like to do it. You can take off the burden of creating something to help others or make it beautiful enough for people to appreciate or anything like that. You just give yourself permission to pursue what you like because of the reasons you care about. Forget about others when it comes to your creativity. I actually love this message and want you to think about it.

Today’s Challenge: Write or Type how you feel good about doing a certain activity (hobby, craft, play, whatever). Now do that thing for some time.

Question : What is holding you back from finding time for yourself? Please let me know in comments.

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