Self Care Challenge – Day 7

Here is a little confession: Lately I have been feeling out of control when it comes to my 2.5-year-old. My first kid was easy, and now I understand the challenges of strong-willed children. I am not prepared at all to handle this situation. I am fighting daily battles with food issues, milk bottles, sleep issues, struggles at the playground, everything.

And for a long time, I have just been in an inaction mode. I know that I have to be firm and go with it, but I have been having troubles making the kid cry at midnight. He screams so loudly, all neighbors can hear it and am fearful that neighbors will complain of a crying child disturbing their sleep.

It has been hard to face the situation and accept it. It ‘s hard to say that you are not able to control your child in front of an international audience. But by accepting the fact that this is the truth, I am making way for action. Being in denial has taken it’s toll on us. But today when I talked to some moms I know to ask for solutions, I feel better mentally. I know I am ready to read, consult and take concrete measures to set boundaries.

So based on this personal situation, I have a challenge for you today.

Today’s Challenge: If you have a particular situation (does not have to be similar to my example with kids) that you know is out of control, and you are feeling overwhelmed by it. Today take a moment to accept****the situation. Now find one small step that you can take to find a solution for your problem.

Question: Who do you turn to when you find yourself in stressful situations?


****But what does it mean to accept the situation? 

Accepting a situation means acknowledging the fact that this particular situation in question exists and you are bothered by it. If you are not accepting a situation, it means that you are desperately trying to make the situation magically disappear by worrying about it, feeling guilty, being restless, etc. Instead, if you acknowledge to yourself or to some person you know or even in writing that “Yes, this situation exists, and I am ready to face it no matter what happens. I am willing to take steps to make this situation better no matter what happens” you are trying to accept the situation. Acceptance leads to concrete actions. Many people wonder if acceptance means inaction, but that is not the case. I hope this explanation above answers the question for those in doubt.





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