Self Care Challenge Day – 4


Today is the time to think about why you are interested in self-care. Are you following this challenge because it is an “in” thing to do? Or is there more substance behind your interest?

A year ago, I was nervous to join a gym. I was 25 lbs heavier. I was unhappy, overworked. I would skip breakfasts, eat take-outs, stay awake working all night. But this all changed. My priorities took 180 degree turn. All because of asking myself questions.

I want to help you just like how I helped myself. I understand how being a mother takes a toll on the woman inside. And now I do understand that there is a better way to handle this overwhelm.

For me to be able to help you, you must help yourself. And for this, I hope you sincerely join me in today’s challenge and give me your feedback in the comments below.

Today’s Challenge : Contemplate your reason behind your interest in self-care. This reason will lead you to an interest in a daily routine.

Questions : What do you think self-care means? Why do you want to make it your priority?
What is stopping you from following a routine?

I am waiting for your answers….

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