Self-Care Challenge – Day 3


Moms, you wake up at 4 am and work endlessly. Your brain does not switch off even when you lie down on your bed while everyone else is asleep at night. You have things to take care of, places to reach. You are NON-STOP.

Today’s Challenge : Pause. Take a break. Sit down. Do not hurry for anything or if at all possible. “Do NOTHING”

Question : What goes on in your mind when you decide to pause? Please let me know in comments.



  1. When I pause it is because I’m thinking oh I have that empty sinking feeling that I’m forgetting something again! Lol

    1. Lol Kim you are too funny! I bet if you pause on purpose by say, setting a timer, you will approach it a lot of differently and maybe notice a difference. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

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