Self-Care Challenge – Day 2


How many times do we go from past to future in our lives as moms? Always thinking about tomorrow and wondering if life will get any easier and thinking about the easy life we had before kids gets us nowhere other than the land of stress. Today we bring ourselves to the present moment with this simple exercise that I am sure you will love.


Today’s Challenge : Savor a piece of chocolate (and if you are one of those rare cases who does not like chocolate, insert any other piece of fruit or food choice of your liking. Savoring a chocolate or a piece of fruit or any food you like really brings all senses together. Before you put a piece of chocolate in your mouth admire it’s existence, inhale the fragrance. Put the chocolate in your mouth, close your eyes and experience the texture, enjoy the taste. Eat it slowly. This savoring moment brings you in the present moment.

Question: What were your thoughts about this exercise?  Please let me know in the comment below.



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