Why am I hopping on the Bullet-Journaling Bandwagon?

Are you a journal junkie? Do you collect journals at the beginning of the year only to find it hard to keep up with it?

Do you have more than one journal to track a few different things?

Look no further! I am your twin nerd sister.


 Currently, I have one for writing about fitness and diet habits. Other is for reflection on the day and the past and clearing my negativity. One is for writing and creating affirmations. Other is to maintain a bucket list.

I also have a gratitude jar that I repurposed from a bath and body gift box, where I write to thank you notes daily and store them. Sometimes I use a thankfulness app to do the same thing. I write my content calendar and goals on Trello and sometimes in a book.

I also have a few things on my calendar with alarms set up.

The problem with having different ways of capturing my life has done damage to me in following ways:

  1. A husband who asks “Another journal?”
  2. The inability to carry all these with me everywhere
  3. Clutter of journals
  4. I am not able to keep up with this at all. 

I am never going to be able to use journaling effectively if I continue on this crazy path. As much as I love being on computers and capturing everything, I love the mindfulness of writing. I want to keep journaling, but I want to do it in a very thoughtful way and take this excess clutter out of my house. 

Recently, a  mommy friend mentioned this article and it looked appealing and intimidating at the same time. Yes, I am talking about bullet journaling! It is the new trend to follow and frankly, it does sound complicated with having to write “keys” and “indexes.” And then future and monthly logs, etc. Then there are thousands of videos online on how to make bullet journals artistically. ( Those are way too much artistic for this Industrial Engineer Mom)

So what I am aiming at is to simplify the journaling process for me, to combine all my writing and tracking into one place that is not online and to keep at it for the longer time than a month.

Want to know more about Bullet-Journaling and if it will work for you or not? Follow my journey every Monday and Thursday of October on this blog as I bring you a real live experience of me testing out Bullet-Journaling. 

Ryder Carroll invented ***Bullet Journal. More about him here

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