Instant Pot: The savior in the kitchen (especially an Indian one)

Hello Moms, I might be late to join this party. But have you heard of Instant Pots? Instant Pot is like a pressure cooker but electric. You can make everything you make in a crockpot but in minutes or less than an hour. Nothing has to be in there for 4 or 6 hours. It is all about instant gratification!


As an Indian, I have always used a pressure cooker to cook food but Instant Pot is a life saver. You do not have to stand in there blowing the steam off the cooker every few minutes. You do not even have to be there in the house to turn it off or watch the gas stove.


Pressure cookers tend to make a mess all over the gas stove. The after cleaning is a horrible task. I know I am late to the party to write about instantpot but I do want to confess my love for it.

You can cook multiple vegetables or dals (lentils) in stacked containers. It does everything that a crockpot does but quickly. That means no overnighting of anything. In the age of Instant, it gives instant rewards.


My favorite to cook inside an instant pot is chicken curry, chicken soup, chicken broth and all types of chicken. I have never cooked chicken so perfectly outside of it. All with a press of a button, it makes my life soooo easy.


I can do other things while things are cooking in an Instant pot which helps the multi-tasking life of a mom.


I think it is a must in every household. Not just Indian. There are tons of Facebook groups, cooking books and recipes you can find all over to go along with this. It can be used to cook beans, pasta, boil eggs, steam vegetables, make paneer. It can be used as a rice cooker. It can also be used as a yogurt maker using these cups.


The other part I like about this is the Saute function which allows me to saute spices and onions before I add other ingredients under pressure. And after the cooking is done, it automatically goes into Keep Warm function.


Do not make the mistake of buying this product and not opening it. I see a lot of moms buying cool gadgets and then piling them in the kitchen. I do not promote clutter.

This gadget is simple to use and with a simple google search, you will find tons of recipes that you can convert into Instant pot recipes with regular ingredients. Do yourself a big favor and buy Instantpot! Save time in the kitchen. It is so valuable these days. Why waste slogging in heat?



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