7 Ways Your Pet Can Improve Your Mental Health!

Author: June Frazier

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We all know that pets are fun to be around and they are oh so cute. What you probably don’t know is that they offer a lot of benefits for your mental health. In this article, we are going to feature seven ways your pet can improve your mental health.

Under The Sun

If you own a pet, it’s always advisable that you take him or her out of the house regularly. Outdoors time is not only for the benefit of your pets. It also offers plenty of benefits for you.

Going outdoors exposes you to fresh air and sunlight. These two factors alone can elevate your mood. Sunlight gives you a dose of Vitamin D, which is known to help fight off depression. Also, while your pet is enjoying the outdoors, why don’t you do the same?

Bring your mind to the present. Listen to the rustling of the trees and the gush of the wind. Take notice of the feeling of the sun and breeze as it touches your skin. All of this is a form of mediation, and it’s revitalizes not only the mind but also the soul.

They Help You Get Moving

If you don’t want your home to look like as if a tornado just passed it, then you will have to exercise your pet. Pets will accumulate energy, and you will need to help them spend it out. If you don’t, then they’ll go nuts with everything on sight inside your home. The best way to help spend this pent-up energy is to play with them outside or having a walk can also work.

This also means that you will be getting exercise. This is the reason why research shows that pet reduces the chances of major cardiac problems and pet owners tend to have better circulation. Always remember that your body and mind are linked. A healthy body has a drastic positive impact on your mental health.

Reduces Stress

Another favorite activity of pet is petting time. As it turns out, the rhythmic pattern of grooming or petting can reduce your stress levels. Petting also allows for a deeper connection, which then stimulates the production of oxytocin in your body. Oxytocin can help reduce cortisol levels, which is also known as the stress hormone.

Relief From Anxiety

When you are engaged with your pet, this will encourage your mind to place focus on the present. When this happens, you are not worried about the future or the past. In other words, engaging with your pets frees your mind anxiety and worry, factors that can have a negative impact on your mental health.

A Great Companion

Humans are social creatures, and that means that being alone is not good for your mental health. The great thing about having a pet is that they are willing to give you full of love so you won’t feel lonely. In fact, cats and dogs are good at tuning to your emotions; and, when you feel down, they will often follow you around and keep you company. With cute eyes and a jolly face, it’s hard to stay feeling down.

Great Listeners

Psychologists often employ a technique of writing down your emotions as a way of relieving yourself from negative feelings such as anger, loneliness or frustration. Well, there’s actually something better, and it’s called talking to your pet.

The great thing about talking to your pet is that they are great listeners. You can talk to them about your hopes and dreams. You can practice your speech in front of them. You can even lament about a recent break-up. However, the best thing about talking to your pets is that they are also the best keepers of your secrets.

A Purpose

At times when a person is near a breaking point, and suicidal thoughts arise, one of the most common questions that pop up is “what’s all this for? What’s the purpose?”

This sense of no purpose is very destructive to one’s mental health. Thankfully, pets can give you that sense of purpose, which is crucial in helping you get back on your feet instead of allowing negative thoughts to spiral you down.

When caring for your pet, you are focused on something else other than yourself. You feel you are doing a good dead, and the positive response of your pet will also give you instant gratification.

As you can see, pets have a lot to offer when it comes to your mental health. In fact, the list we provided above is just the tip of the iceberg. Hence, if you think your mental health could use a boost, adopt a pet right now. However, always keep in mind that pets are a commitment and not a temporary solution.

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