24 hours are just not enough!


You are tired, exhausted and on the verge of a burnout. You are going from place to place, door to door, one google search result after the other, yearning for solution to Getting Things Done. 

You are on less sleep, a minute away from another temper tantrum. You yearn for some quality time for yourself and at this point you are not sure if there is any other solution than running away from your own life.

When I became a wife and especially a mother of two, and I was working full time as a high visibility project engineer, I realized how easily I could lose my shit any moment. I wanted to get as many things on my plate done and say yes to more. I wanted to run book clubs and attend parties and take my kids to multiple activities and at the same time become the best employee and mom that I could ever be. 

Very quickly I realized that I needed some big changes in my life in order to have all this done. I also felt the need to be more calm, cool and collected. 

That is when I brought mindfulness in my daily life. I extended it to my workplace and started becoming more and more confident in my own skin. I was handling mixed shifts and awesome visibility projects, cooking at home, playing with kids and at the same time organizing book clubs and attending events with friends.

People started asking me the secret of my energy. (And It was not caffeine!!!)

I am Sneha and  I help you feel more than enough! I create mindful routines for busy working women to manage their mental clutter and to-do lists so they can improve their focus and do more projects they love in less time and with more energy.

Here is what I do :

I combine my expertise in productivity principles and mindfulness and provide you with tools that will let you take inspired actions in your business without you losing your focus.


Here is what I believe :

There is lot of noise on productivity out there and that is ok but if you do not apply and keep in mind the purpose of what you are doing, the efforts will live temporarily.


Here is how I got started :

I have 10 years of experience in Lean/Total Quality Management and Kaizen productivity tools which I used in billion dollar manufacturing industries that made perfumes, slot machines, credit cards and more. As an Indian born person, I was exposed to meditations and mindfulness principles throughout my life in various forms. When I started getting aha moments and bringing this spirituality in my personal life, real shifts happened. 

I hope you see this transformation in your life too!